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20 years of experience in the industry, PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT in France, Europe, Asia, Maghreb, Africa

Expertise in purchasing all types of industrial equipment to your projects, production and construction sites. Associated with a Group of international reference in Transports & Logistics sector, we have a Global Purchasing Network and Subsidiaries in Africa (Angola, South Africa, Morocco and Mozambique), in Europe (Portugal, Romania), USA and China.

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Advice in industrial purchases, in outsourcing, in logistics

(Storage, bulking and Transport, clearance following INCOTERM)

Setting-up of structures Export (East Europe, Asia, The Maghreb, Africa, South Europe): Purchases offices, subsidiaries, Project offices. (office, staff, contract, order, suppliers assessement)

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Workloads are constantly expanding and that expansion may not be predictable. New issues and problems will constantly pop up, and innovative solutions will have to be implemented quickly by us. We have people who can think on their feet, who adapt well to constant change, and who are willing put in the extra hours needed to help get you through the unusual pressures and surprises of managing a business.

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